We provide a full range of both Digital and Analogue voice services. We can provide copper PSTN and ISDN lines or digital VoIP or SIP lines at great rates.

Data and Cloud

We can provide a range of internet, MPLS and Cloud based solutions.  We provide connectivity from the main Tier 1 Telcos in Australia to give you the best range.

Security Consulting

We also provide a range of Telco and Computer Security solutions from SIEM as a service, endpoint protection and threat detection and removal.


Why Total Telco?

Total Telco is a complete Telco technology partner for your business!


Total Telco provides extensive reporting and billing breakdown. In our experience, business requires clear, accurate billing.

access complete range

In Australia, connectivity can cause the greatest headache to businesses who need high speed internet and networking. We provide RANGE!

product range

Total Telco Group provides a range of products around data, voice, cloud, networking as well as security consulting.

Total Telco areas of Expertise

Voice Services

Total Telco can provide both digital and analogue voice services at fantastic rates. We can provide more traditional services such as ISDN and PSTN as well as VoIP and SIP products.

Data Connectivity

Total Telco can provide access connectivity from the top Telco providers in Australia. We also provide cloud hosting and data centre connectivity nationally from a range of providers.

Cloud and Hosting

Total Telco can provide cloud hosted service management as well as data centre connectivity and consulting services. Total Telco works with NextDC, AWS and Azure.

Security Consulting

Total Telco can provide extensive Cyber security consulting. We can provide SIEM as a service, threat identification, removal and end point protection consulting and management for your business.

Total Telco FAQ

Typical questions and answers around Telco and Security

  • What is the difference between normal telephone lines and SIP channels?

    Normal telephone lines (PSTN or ISDN) are a more traditional voice solution. SIP channels operate much the same way. The difference is that SIP channels are usually cheeper that traditional PSTN or ISDN. 

  • Am I better to choose SIP channels or ISDN/PSTN lines.?

    The choice of PSTN/ISDN lines or SIP really depends on the voice hardware and it's capabilities. Some hardware can only support ISDN, some can only support SIP etc. 

  • What cloud providers do you work with?

    We work with all major cloud platform providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Softlayer. We can also provide Datacentre connectivity through NextDS data centres nationally.

  • What Telcos do you work with?

    Currently Total Telco provides internet and data connectivity through Telstra, Optus, Vocus, AAPT and TPG. 


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